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Audi Turbocharger


Model: CT16V17201-30160
Uses: Introduction to use
Advantages: Introduction of the advantages of this product
Inventory: 100

Product Details

TANBORESS is committed to delivering the highest standard of quality and safe products and services to our customers. In TANBORESS, we are committed to business excellence as encapsulated by the following principles: 
1) Manufacturing products which meet customers' specifications 
2) Striving to meet customers' target values 
3) Monitoring customer satisfaction 
4) Shipping products on the date required by customers 
5) Reasonable stocks and fast and timely shipment 
6) Good prices with professional services and high quality standards 
But our products will be under good quality control as follows: 
1) Sturdy and durable products, with a long lasting working life 
2) Turbine housings with a high volume of Nickel 
3) Passed the balancing test and the high speed GHRA balancing test 
Our factories are: 
1) The best turbo thrust bearing factories in Liaoning, producing thrust bearings with two technologies: Power metallurgy technology and copper/bronze bar CNC machining technology 
2) Factories equipped with advanced CNC machines, producing turbine shafts, journal bearings, thrust collars and other turbo components 
3) Turbocharger assembling factories which can assemble many sizes of turbochargers and then pass high speed CORE balancing test to guarantee that the quality is OK 
4) Good organizations with big warehouses and modern logistic and testing machines before shipment. We can make testing, packing and classification, which will be helpful for mass shipment and good quality control.